Launch of the Little Bustard

After many evenings in the shed and a 1,000 hours of hard work, the Little Bustard fledged from her shed and was launched on Sunday 1st May at Catterline Pier.

The morning’s haar burnt off and the sun broke through to create perfect conditions.  To celebrate the occasion, we were joined by the rowing clubs of Gourdon and Collieston who brought their boats, Maggie and Cath.  The big sister, Spirit of Catterline was also in attendance.

The Little Bustard was named by Felienne and Lisette Verver, who poured some Fettercain malt whisky on the vessel. 

She was then gently lifted off the trolley by the main builders and into the water for her maiden voyage.  The first crew was Paul and Anna Conniff.  Under the watchful crowd of 40 lined along the pier, they quickly adapted to having an oar in each hand and off shot the Little Bustard.

Meanwhile drams of whisky were raised to toast the new boat and celebratory cupcakes(curtesy of Eve and Alyson Young) were consumed.

Several crews, nearly all coxed by Finlay Young, hopped into the Little Bustard for a test row and back and forth she went.

Beaming smiles indicated that she is a delight to row.  She is very responsive and quick to pick up speed and then glides through the water.  A little gem.

Thanks go to the 25 folks, who helped build the boat, especially Paul, Gertjan and Stephen.  Thanks also to all the club members who chipped in to pay for the boat.  In particular, thanks to Arch Henderson and the Kincardineshire Development Programme, which provided additional funds.

The Little Bustard is a 16 foot Weymss skiff designed for 1 or 2 rowers with or without a cox.  The boat weighs approximately 50 kg, so can be easily lifted by two people.  The Weymss skiff is designed by Ian Oughtred and the kit was provided by Jordan Boats.